Michael V. Robb
1626 Hayes
Trinidad, CO 81082

Acquisition, Planning,
and Management

Ranch and Recreational Properties

Management practices are based on the following facts:

The land can support only so much and must do so in a self-sustaining manner with a minimum of interference and inputs.

Livestock must be managed from a primitive mind-set in order to maintain profitable levels.

Livestock and wildlife are compatible.

Comprehensive management for the absentee owner includes developing an overall management plan, placing personnel, purchasing and selling livestock, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Consulting management for the owner who will take a more hands-on approach is tailored specifically to the needs of the client and level of expertise needed.

Ranch Acquisition and Planning includes

Land inspection and resource evaluation

Market analysis

Outline of purchase contract issues for legal review

Presentation of purchase contract to sellers/sellers’ agent

All follow-up through closing

A comprehensive land plan for ranch owners and recreational property developers

The most important element of the acquisition process is matching client’s wants, needs, budget, goals, and expectations with a property that will satisfy these criteria in a self- sustaining manner with minimal interference and inputs.

Base fee: $65/hour plus expenses, due monthly. In addition to the base fee for acquisitions, Michael V. Robb will participate in any co-op commission offered by a listing broker.

The future of ranching and all of agriculture is in our hands. We must be good stewards of God’s creation.

Dad, Great Grandpa, Uncle & Cousin


A Santa Gertrudis cross female
and her Limousin sired calf

Michael V. Robb

My significant experience in the ranching and livestock industry has nurtured diverse management skills, the ability to positively affect the financial health of a business, and a personal commitment to integrity and honesty in all that I do. My work has impacted the industry in a variety of ways ranging from improving production lines to developing products and services demanded by today’s consumer to anticipating and planning for future needs.

Over many years of retail experience, I have developed proficiency with business plan development, creation of marketing materials, competitive analysis, and direct sales. A successful marketing philosophy focuses on the true needs of the customer and on the quality of product and services. I believe that creating a customer experience that provides overall value not available elsewhere is key to building and maintaining a successful business.

I have managed diverse types of livestock, farm, and recreational operations from the High Country of Colorado to the Post Oak Savannah of central Texas. During the course of my career, I have developed a true passion for the ranching and livestock industry and a sense of direction I believe is critical for increased efficiency and profitability. My land sales and development experience has provided tremendous insight and concern about the importance of carefully planning, developing, and conserving our precious natural resources for the future needs of agriculture and recreation.

I have actively participated in land, livestock, wildlife, retail, and land development businesses for 30 years. Integral to my long-term vision is the drive to maintain a constant vigil with respect to change and new innovation within this industry.

Auditing a graduate-level meat science course at Texas A&M furthered my knowledge of product quality assessment. My completion of the Corporate Strategies Seminar conducted by Cattle Fax deepened my knowledge of industry economics, marketing strategies, and risk management.